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Alamoudi Exchange offers foreign currency exchange, money transfer and Cheques encashment services. The range of money transfer products and services available to our customers include Cash-to-Cash transfers, Bank Transfers, Demand Drafts, Door-to-Door Payments, and Instant Money Transfer through international money transfer operators.

Foreign Exchange

We buy and sell major currency banknotes at very competitive rates retail as well as wholesale. We export and import foreign currencies.

Money Transfer

Cash-to-Cash Transfer : Our correspondent bank or exchange house will pay cash over counter to your beneficiary.
Bank Transfers : You can transfer money directly to your beneficiary’s bank account.
Demand Drafts: You can transfer money to your beneficiary’s bank account via Cheques.
Door-to-Door Payments:You can transfer money to the door step of your beneficiary.

Instant Money Transfer

You can send and receive money in minutes through international money transfer operators like, Money Gram, Xpress Money Transfer, Coinstar Money Transfer, Instant Cash etc. 

Cheque Encashment

We offer our customers following Cheque Encashment Services within the known banking procedures.

We encash Hajj Cheques drawn on us by our counterparts during Hajj season under special drawing arrangement.